• 800T Gantry shear successfully running in Australia!
    800T Gantry shear successfully running in Australia!
    July 10, 2024

    After two weeks of installation, the heavy duty 800T gantry shear finally installed successfully and running under the guide of Teyun engineer. This heavy duty 800T gantry shear is customized for our Australian customer becuase of the high and strict requirements for the shear, and after 3 months producing and 1 month sea shipping, the 800T gantry shear arrived at the customer's site. As soon as the gantry shear arrived, Teyun assigned the engineer to help our customer to install and guide. Of course, thanks for the customer cooperation, our engineer fixed and installed the shear very fast, also the customer is very satisfied when the gantry shear starts ruuning.           For the gantry shear we have many models:320t, 400t,500t,630t, heavy duty 800T, 1000T,1250T and ect.If you are also interested in the gantry shear for cutting and recycling the scrap metal, you can contact us for the solution plan, we are trying to help you: info@njteyun.com.

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  • TEYUN will attend 30th METAL-EXPO 2024 in MOSCOW!
    TEYUN will attend 30th METAL-EXPO 2024 in MOSCOW!
    July 16, 2024

    TEYUN will attend the METAL-EXPO 2024 in OCT, which is held in the EXPOCENTRE, MOSCOW,RUSSIA. TEYUN BOOTH NO.: Hall 7.6,LH76-06 DATE: 29th OCT~01st NOV This is the second time for Teyun to attend the METAL-EXPO RUSSIA EXHIBITION, we also attend this exhibition last year. During last exhibition, we met lots of new and common customers, we discussed the technical parameters, the commerical parts and deep cooperation ect. It is this exhibition that offers us this good opportunity, so we participate again this year. We warmly welcome everyone and hope to see you at the exhibition. The 30th Russian International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition (Metal-Expo) in 2024 is the largest and most authoritative exhibition in the metallurgical industry in Russia and even in Eastern Europe. The exhibition is hosted by the Russian Metallurgical Society (METAL-EXPO) and supported by the Russian Steel Suppliers Association. It has been successfully held for 28 sessions. In the last exhibition, 420 companies from 15 countries and regions around the world exhibited the most advanced equipment and technologies and a full range of products in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry. More than 22,000 end customers from ferrous and non-ferrous metal products, construction, power and engineering technology, transportation and logistics, machinery manufacturing and other industries visited this exhibition. The venue was crowded and lively, and many domestic and foreign companies participated in the exhibition. In addition to the exhibition, there were also technical exchange activities such as expert meetings, seminars and symposiums. A total of 40 forums and special events were held at the same time. Steel producers and end users took this opportunity to communicate face to face, share best practices, and learn about the most advanced solutions and products displayed on the booth.

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  • TEYUN horizontal baler machine will ship to the USA
    TEYUN horizontal baler machine will ship to the USA
    July 02, 2024

    Teyun shipped this HPM-125 horizontal baler to our American customer on the last day of June.This is a semi-automatic horizontal baler with a conveyor, which can pack cardboard, plastic bottles, waste paper and other waste, plastic film, clothes, tires, cardboard, books, newspapers, lightly thrown thin iron, aluminum alloy, household waste iron, cans, etc. Compared with the fully automatic horizontal baler, this semi-automatic baler has a lower price and higher density. But for the fully horizontal baler or the semi-auto horizontal baler which is better? How to choose the horizontal baler, you can check via the following link, we have a detailed comparation for you:https://www.teyunbaler.com/hpm-or-hpa-how-to-choose-the-horizontal-baler_n39 Two 40HQ were used for this shipment, and the total weight of the machine and conveyor belt is about 17 tons. Before delivery, our engineers tested the machine with the customer online to ensure that the machine could operate in good condition. Only after comfirmed by the customers, Teyun will load the machine.Teyun is trying the best to make the clients satified.          

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  • Wonderful JUNE- Many customers came to TEYUN!
    Wonderful JUNE- Many customers came to TEYUN!
    June 26, 2024

    In the past busy June, many customers came to TEYUN for visiting and inspecting. These customers are from New Zealand, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, etc.   These customers are very interested in the Teyun products: gantry shear, car baler, tires baler, aluminum extrusiom press line and so on. We showd our customers to our local clinets' working shop to comfirm equipmemt which are in good running condistion. This helps the customers to know how is the machines's working process and also have a deep knowlege about the Teyun quality. Then visiting the Teyun factories to show our prodcution capacity and quality. Also we had the technical meeting with the customers to customized their requiremnets and offered the solution plans.   Customers are very satisfed with the Teyun visiting, especially the Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Indian clinets, we reached a preliminary cooperation intention each other in the 2 sets of the gantry shear, car baler and the 1100T aluminum extrusion line. In the next July, Teyun hopes more and more customers come to visit Teyun, and we hope we can have win-win cooperation in the future. If you want to visit Teyun, please contact us via the mail:info@njteyun.com

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  • 3 Sets of the TIRES RECYCLING machines are loading!
    3 Sets of the TIRES RECYCLING machines are loading!
    June 15, 2024

    Today Teyun is loading the 3 sets of the tires recycling machines which are ordered by the customer fromTrinidad and Tobago ,including the tires baler machine, tires shredder and the tires puller. These three tires processing euqipment can help the customers to recycle the waste tires. These three machines are set into 1*40HQ with carefully fixed and covered. Becuase of the demand for rough processing, Teyun offered this tires recycling solution to the customer:Tires puller(remove the tires rims), Vertical tires baler(baling the waste tires for exporting), Tires shredder(to cut the waste tires into small pieses for next step of processing). These three steps are only preliminary processing, which processes waste tires into small rubber blocks. Subsequently, the rubber blocks can be processed into rubber powder of different coarseness and fineness, and then processed into different rubber products. This process is more complicated and requires more equipment. So this customer ordered some other tire processing equipment from us to produce rubber products. If you are interested in tire treatment solutions, please contact us we can offer you the whole line solutions. You can contact us via the mail: info@njteyun.com, or hot line:+86 13566045899(Whatsapp/Wechat).

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  • 1000 tons baling shearing machine shipped today!
    1000 tons baling shearing machine shipped today!
    June 12, 2024

    This 1000 ton baling shear was sent to Georgia today. At present, baling shears and gantry shears are very popular in the metal recycling industry in China and abroad, especially in Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Iran, Thailand, Turkey and other countries. This year we have produced many shears and exported them. We have 500 tons, 630 tons, 800 tons, 1000 tons, 1250 tons gantry shears and bailing shears. Baling shears add baling function on the basis of gantry shears, which can be baled first and then sheared. Before shearing, light waste metal and heavy waste metal are compressed to increase the density of the bale. Therefore, more and more customers need baling shears. This 1000T baler shear is the heavy duty type, the total weight is over 140tons, and this shipment total needs 3*40HQ and 2 sets of the bulk cargo.  Before loading, we cover all parts of the machine with PE film, and then cover them with thickened waterproof cloth, and fix them to prevent impact or other injuries. After the 1000T baler shear reaches the customer's site, Teyun will arrange the engineers to install the machine and help the workers to operate it. If you are interested in the bailing shears and the gantry shears, please contact us.

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  • Teyun sales department team buliding on Children's Day!
    Teyun sales department team buliding on Children's Day!
    June 01, 2024

    Today is Children's Day, and Teyun sales department came to the farm for team building. We brought barbecue and hot pot, and after eating, we played a series of interesting and challenging games. It is worth mentioning that an Indian customer also participated in our team building. In order to play with the Indian customer, we changed the game to English. This was an unforgettable team building activity for everyone. This team building activity made me deeply realize the power of teamwork. Everyone has their own unique advantages and strengths. Only when we unite as one can we realize our greatest potential. When facing difficulties and challenges, as long as we work together, nothing is insurmountable. At the same time, this activity also made me realize that effective communication and cooperation are the key to solving problems. Only through good communication can we better understand each other's ideas and needs, and thus better solve problems.      

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  • Myanmar customers visited and signed a contract with us
    Myanmar customers visited and signed a contract with us
    May 30, 2024

    On Friday, our company was fortunate to welcome a group of Myanmar customers who made a special trip to visit our extrusion machines factory and had in-depth exchanges on cooperation matters. The purpose of this visit is to enhance mutual understanding and jointly develop long-term cooperation. As an industry-leading extrusion machines manufacturer and supplier, our company has been committed to providing high-quality, high-efficiency extrusion solutions.  These Myanmar customers wanted to buy an extrusion machine to make aluminum wire. Customers have seen the manufacturing process of the Teyun extrusion machine,as well as the quality and brand of the materials,motors and oil pumps we use. We took customers to visit local customers' factories and witnessed how Teyun's machines operate and how aluminum products are manufactured. We provided a solution. The customer appreciated our solution and signed a contract on site.      

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