Waste car/truck tires baler for recycling

Tires baler is eapecially designed for baling the waste car tires and truck tires, this baling process can reduce the waste tires shipping cost and save the space when recycling the waste tires.

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  • Lead Time:

  • Warranty:

    1 year
  • Certification:

  • Operation type:

  • Material / Metal Processed:

    Rubber tires
  • Power:

  • Voltage and frequency:

  • Application:

    Used for baling the waste tires

Tires baler for recycling the car tires, truck tires

Tires Baler Introduction:

The tires baler is especially designed for baling the waste car tires, truck tires, bus tires and ect. This tires baler can help to reduce the waste of the tires for second use. The baling process of the tires compress the waste tires into a bale, can reduce the shipping cost of the waste tires and aslo save the tires stock space. So the tires baler is a popular equipment in the tires recycling industry.


Tires Baler Features:

  • Easy  and and safety operation with manual control
  • Simple maintainance
  • Hydraulic-driven opening door
  • Electrical part: Siemens
  • CE,ISO,SGS,TUV certifactes


Working process of the tires baler:

tires baler working process


Tires Baler Parameters:

Item TY82-160 TY82-180

Main Press Force



Feeding Opening(L*W)



Compression Chamber Size(L*W*H)



Bale Size(L*W*H)



Bale Size (after expansion) (L*W*H)



Bale Weight

1 ton

1.2 ton

Production Rate



Operation System

Electric Control Valve 

Electric Control Valve 

Locking System

Front Door and Back door With Locking Cylinder

Machine weight

9 tons

10 tons


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