• Hot selling vertical metal baler
    Hot selling vertical metal baler

    Vertical hydraulic metal baler application industry: Our vertical hydraulic metal baler is suitable for scrap metal, steel mills, non-ferrous metals, mining, metallurgy and other industries. In the scrap metal industry, our balers can pack scattered, non-ferrous metals, mining scrap iron, scrap steel, scrap copper, etc., which not only saves space, but also increases baling speed and reduces transportation costs. In steel mills, metallurgy and other industries, our balers have also been widely used, improving production efficiency and reducing production costs. Processable materials: Our vertical hydraulic metal baler can process a variety of materials, including scrap metal, steel, copper, aluminum, etc. In the scrap metal industry, our metal baler can pack such as scrap iron, scrap steel, scrap copper, etc. In steel mills, non-ferrous metals, mining, metallurgy and other industries, our balers can also adapt to different metal materials, such as steel, copper, aluminum, etc. Key point: Our vertical hydraulic metal baler has many advantages and is an ideal choice for your baling equipment. 1. Our balers adopt advanced hydraulic control systems, with features such as automation, high efficiency, low noise and other safety protection functions, which can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. 2. Our balers also have good safety performance and reliable protection functions. 3. In addition, our vertical hydraulic metal balers also have functions such as automatic alarm and automatic shutdown, providing more convenience for customers. 4. Compact structure, small size, easy operation and other features, providing more convenience for customers. 5. Our balers can also be customized according to customer needs to meet the different needs of customers. Thank you for your attention and support. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us.

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  • Precautions for Metal Baler During Test Run
    Precautions for Metal Baler During Test Run

    Metal balers have always been one of Teyun’s popular recycling machines.Customers need to pay attention to the following points after receiving and testing the metal baler. 1. You need to check whether the power supply and electrical connections of the equipment are normal. Make sure that the power plug is firmly connected to the power outlet and that there are no loose or broken wires. Before turning on the equipment, make sure that the fuses and circuit breakers in the distribution box match and are in proper working condition. This can avoid electrical faults and safety accidents.   2. You should check whether the mechanical parts of the metal baler are intact. Observe all parts of the baler, including the compression device, cutting device and transmission system, to see if there is any looseness, foreign matter or damage. If any abnormality is found, the damaged parts should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the safety of use.   3. You also need to set the parameters of the metal baler correctly. According to the size, weight and packaging requirements of the metal products, adjust the parameters of the baler such as pressure, speed and time. Ensure that the parameters are set correctly to avoid the occurrence of poor or damaged packaging.    4. When testing the machine, you need to pay attention to the safety of the operator. Before operating the metal baler, the staff should wear safety protective gear, such as gloves, goggles and earplugs. Avoid placing hands or other body parts near moving parts to avoid injury. At the same time, operate the machine in strict accordance with the equipment operating procedures and follow the instructions for use provided by the equipment manufacturer.   5. During the trial process, you need to closely observe the operation of the metal baler. Ensure that the equipment runs smoothly and has no abnormal sound or vibration. If abnormalities occur, stop the machine immediately for inspection and take appropriate maintenance measures as needed.

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  • Why many customers use briquetting machines?
    Why many customers use briquetting machines?

    In the metal recycling process, shredding is often the first step. Depending on the composition and shape of the metal scrap, it is sometimes necessary to shred the residual metal before briquetting. This results in a homogeneous throughput size which are ideal for further processing. Shredding and further preparatory processing steps such as cleaning of the metal chips contribute significantly to the production of higher quality metal briquettes. Briquetting machine has always been a hot-selling product of Teyun.Because metal briquettes offer numerous advantages: optimized storage and more efficient transportation through volume reduction. The briquetting process for metals also enables the recovery of expensive cooling lubricants, residual oils and emulsions, which are then fed back into the cooling or lubrication circuit. The resulting metal briquettes can be smelted down directly, whereby they sink down in the melting process and thus melt with less slag formation and burn-off. In a short word, advantages of briquetting machine: 1. Direct and efficient melting down of the metal briquettes with significantly less burn-up 2. Volume reduction of up to 90% of the starting material 3. High pressing pressure for high briquette density 4. Better residue handling 5. Minimized disposal costs 6. Reduction of transport and storage costs 7. User-friendly design 8. Maintenance friendly

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  • Alligator Shears Application and Core Points
    Alligator Shears Application and Core Points

    The hydraulic metal alligator shear is a machine equipment widely used in industrial production. It has strong shearing ability and stable working performance, and has become an indispensable tool in many industries. This article will introduce the characteristics and advantages of the hydraulic metal alligator shear from three aspects: its application industry, processable materials and core selling points.   Applicatble industries  Hydraulic metal alligator shears are widely used in various metal processing industries, especially in manufacturing, construction and aerospace industries. In the manufacturing industry, hydraulic metal alligator shears are used to process various auto parts, mechanical parts and various metal products; in the construction industry, they are mainly used to process materials such as steel bars, steel and aluminum; In the aerospace industry, hydraulic metal alligator shears are widely used to process high-strength metal materials such as aircraft parts and spacecraft components.   Machinable materials The hydraulic metal alligator shear can process a wide range of materials, including but not limited to steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass, titanium alloy and other metal materials. The thickness of these materials can be adjusted within the machine's specifications to accommodate different processing needs.   Core selling points The core selling point of the hydraulic metal alligator shear is its high productivity, stable and precise cutting capabilities. Driven by the hydraulic system, it can easily cut various metal materials, the operation is simple and convenient, and does not require too much manpower investment. In addition, this machine has high-precision cutting capabilities, which can meet the high-precision processing needs of different industries. It also has high safety and can effectively ensure the safety of operators.    

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  • Application and Effects of Gantry Shears
    Application and Effects of Gantry Shears

    Hydraulic gantry shear can control the size of the shear opening arbitrarily according to the size of the material to be sheared, in order to achieve high working efficiency. Wide range of application, low energy consumption, widely used in scrap metal recycling and processing industry, small and medium-sized steel mills metal shearing, for the furnace smelting back to provide furnace material.   Applicable materials of gantry shear: metal, iron, cast iron, thin iron, thin iron, light material, steel, colour steel tile, scrap steel, scrap iron, aluminium alloy, channel steel, angle steel, angle iron, copper plate, metal plate, aluminium profiles, scrap steel, aluminium plate, iron plate, steel plate, round steel, scrap metal.   The effect of the use of gantry shear machine is mainly several aspects:   1. Speed. That is, the gantry shear machine output.   2. Self-weight. The self-weight of the machinery reacts to whether the material used is sufficient, and partly reacts to whether the gantry shear is durable.   3. Gantry shear power consumption.   4. Service life. You can ask the manufacturer or the person who bought the product customers.   5. Sealing performance. The sealing performance of the gantry shear directly affects the use and life.   6. The degree of integration. The high degree of integration of the model eliminates the time consumption of installation and commissioning, and also facilitates transport.   7. Materials. For example: gantry shear machine body cast steel parts are more durable than cast iron parts.

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  • What is a container shear?
    What is a container shear?

    Container shear is an efficient scrap steel shearing equipment. The Container shear has a compact structure and an integrated design for easy movement. It can be controlled by a hybrid of engine and motor, or it can be controlled by an engine or motor alone.   The biggest advantage of the container shear is its high overall utilization rate, which can be mainly reflected in labor, energy consumption, mechanical loss, equipment maintenance costs, etc.   The container shear adopts a hydraulic cycle design, which speeds up the shearing speed of the container shear.   Advantages of TEYUN Container Shear:   1. High safety: The material is always in the feeding box when the container shear is working, and there is no risk of material splashing.   2. High production efficiency: Container shear save labor costs.There is no press cover, continuous feeding is possible, and it is fully automated. It is equipped with a suction cup or steel grabber to feed materials. It only needs one person to operate, which improves work efficiency.   3. Movable: The container shearing machine is integrated into the whole machine and can be moved on a vehicle. Users can process waste materials in different places.

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  • Advantages of Y81 Scrap Metal Baler
    Advantages of Y81 Scrap Metal Baler

    Y81 series of hydraulic scrap balers are applied in thickness less than 6mm steel mills, recycling plants, ferrous&non-ferrous smelting industry to press scrap metal(steel,copper,aluminum,stainless steel,etc.)into acceptable furnace charges in shapes of cuboids, cylinders&octagons. These scrap metal balers are suitable for the scrap processing and distribution center, scrap car dismantling and re-manufacturing, steel and nonferrous metals industry etc.   Features: 1. Hydraulic driven, manual valve operation or PLC automatic control 2. Bale-discharging: side turn out, side push out, forward turn out, manual discharging. 3. Can diesel engine or generator for power 4. Can configure remote control and PLC automatic 5. The bale size has square, octagon, round 6. Product specifications and types: Common metal baler models range from 125 to 800t, which can meet the different needs of customers at different levels.   Product advantages 1. Simple operation, easy maintenance and reliable sealing. 2. Users can customize packaging specifications and sizes according to needs to maximize transportation or storage. 3. Improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and save manpower

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  • Why choose Tire Shredder?
    Why choose Tire Shredder?

    In recent years, scrap tire production has maintained steady growth, driven by increasing automobile sales. Waste tires are reusable resources, and regeneration and recycling are currently the mainstream processing methods. Waste tires can be reused into rubber particles, rubber powder, rubber asphalt, rubber artificial turf and other materials through crushing, grinding and processing. Widely used in construction, transportation, gardening and other fields.More and more customers are buying our tire shredders. The tire recycling business has good prospects and the market is huge. There are three main uses for recycling waste tires. 1. Direct crushing: made into rubber powder and used to pave roads, which can save a lot of asphalt. 2. Reclaimed rubber produced through desulfurization: used to produce hoses, rubber pads, etc., and can also be added to new tires at a certain proportion, which can save a lot of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. 3. Through pyrolysis: decompose heavy oil, carbon black and other important chemical raw materials. If you want to shred tires, you usually need a wire puller, a shredder, a magnetic separator, a rectangular screen, and some conveyors to connect these machines. If you need to make rubber powder, you need to add a grinder. If you want very small particles, we recommend using three machines: coarse crusher, medium crusher, and fine crusher. If you are interested in the shredder machine, you can contact us for the professional offer: info@njteyun.com.  

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