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Inspection for 1100T aluminum extrusion press

May 21, 2024

At the end of 2023, after many days of hard work and negotiations, we finally reached trust and cooperation with customers in India. He placed an order for a 1100-ton extrusion press production line from our factory

Recently, after so many months of production. This 1,100-ton extrusion line has finally completed production and testing.Before shipment, the customer wanted to visit our factory, inspect and trial run the aluminum extruder on site.

After the guests arrived atTeyun factory, we accompanied them to check and test the 1100ton aluminum extrusion press line which they ordered before. Teyun also operated this aluminum extruder to show the customers the machines' working process which are in good condition and ready to ship. The customers wear very satisfied and paid the balance on the spot. In addition, we also show many other aluminum extrusion presses which are under production or ready to ship to the customers, such as the 2200ton aluminum extrusion line from Egyptian customers, the 700ton copper extruder from France, 1450ton aluminum extrusion press to India and so on.

''What a nice trip to Teyun" the customers told us, they are so satified with not only the press but also Teyun's ability and told us they will relase one more order to us.

We are a professional aluminum extrusion press manufacturer and welcome customers from all over the world to visit us.We believe that by visiting our factory in person, you will have a deeper understanding of our technical strength and manufacturing quality, and be confident in our future cooperation.


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