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Three tire baler machines are about to be shipped

April 28, 2024

Today we will be loading and shipping three tire vertical baler machine to our German customers.These three units were ordered by three people from Germany.Tire recycling balers are a popular machine in Germany.For some degree of wear, damage to the lower degree of waste tires for secondary processing, processing can be made into new retreaded tires for use.

After recycling, most of the used tires can be used to make rubber granules or rubber powder, which are insignificant but can improve asphalt and can also be used as raw materials for waterproofing articles.

In order to meet the needs of customers,Teyun launched a vertical baler specializing in baling tires,which capacity can be up to two tons per hour.Unlike ordinary vertical balers, tire balers are designed with hooks at the inner wall to prevent tires from expanding so that workers can operate them.We can customize different tonnage according to different customer needs.If you are insterested in the tire baler machine you can contact us for the professional offer:info@njteyun.com.

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