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TEYUN horizontal baler machine will ship to the USA

July 02, 2024

Teyun shipped this HPM-125 horizontal baler to our American customer on the last day of June.This is a semi-automatic horizontal baler with a conveyor, which can pack cardboard, plastic bottles, waste paper and other waste, plastic film, clothes, tires, cardboard, books, newspapers, lightly thrown thin iron, aluminum alloy, household waste iron, cans, etc. Compared with the fully automatic horizontal baler, this semi-automatic baler has a lower price and higher density.

But for the fully horizontal baler or the semi-auto horizontal baler which is better? How to choose the horizontal baler, you can check via the following link, we have a detailed comparation for you:https://www.teyunbaler.com/hpm-or-hpa-how-to-choose-the-horizontal-baler_n39

Two 40HQ were used for this shipment, and the total weight of the machine and conveyor belt is about 17 tons. Before delivery, our engineers tested the machine with the customer online to ensure that the machine could operate in good condition. Only after comfirmed by the customers, Teyun will load the machine.Teyun is trying the best to make the clients satified.


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