Comparison between Gantry shear and Container shear

December 27, 2023

Advantages&Disadvantages Comparison of the Gantry Shear and Container Shear


There are mainly four types of scrap metal shears: alligator shear, tiger shear(super alligator shear), gantry shear and the container shear. Many customers are very confused which type of the scrap metal shearing machine should to choose? Here today we mainly compare the gantry shear and the container shear, hope after checking the following sheet you will understand.

Item  Gantry Shear Container Shear
Picture gantry shear for cutting waste metal Container shear for shearing the scrap metal
  • The length of scrap metal can be adjusted. Customers can set the cutting length of scrap according to their needs.
  • The process of feeding material can be seen.
  • Container shear can save space.
  • The shearing speed is relatively fast and does not require an cylinder or chain to push the material. The material falls due to its own gravity and  then sheared.
  • Materials can be continuously fed and cut.
  • Continuous feeding is not allowed.
  • It must be cut box by box.
  • Compared with container shear,gantry shear takes up more floor space.
  • Container shears have a fixed cutting height, so the material is cut to a fixed length.
  • The feeding process can not be seen.


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