• What should you pay attention to when buying a baler?
    What should you pay attention to when buying a baler?

    What should you pay attention to when buying a baler? 1.What type of the baler you need? Normally, we can divide the baler into two types, one is the scrap metal baler(mainly used for baling the waste metal), another type is the non-ferrous baler(can compress waste paper, plastic bags, iron filings, cloth, woven bags, knitted velvet, hemp, sacks, tops, wool balls, dead silkworms, hops, wheat straw, industrial solid waste, etc). Considering the metarials of the waste you want to recycle to choose the right type of the baler, then you consider the following points: 2. Baler quality, it is very important because it determines the compressing effect and service life. Generally speaking, a high-quality hydraulic baler should have the characteristics of simple structure, compactness, safety and reliability, and should also be easy to operate and maintain. 3. Baler model. A suitable model of the hydraulic baler can increase the daily production, efficiency and also save the cost. So before buying the baler, the customers should to know the following quetsions: ①How much is the capacity for per hour to bale the waste?   @what kind of the materials you want to process, and what's noraml size? Then basing these answers we can recommed the suitable model for the customers.  4. Power and pressure of the baler. These two factors directly affect compressing efficiency and quality. Generally speaking, the greater the power of the machine, the higher the pressure, and the baling efficiency and quality will increase accordingly. However, this does not mean that we only need to choose high-power and high-pressure machines, because this will also increase the purchase cost and maintenance cost. Therefore, we need to choose the appropriate power and pressure according to actual needs. 5. Finally, what we also need to consider is the price and maintenance cost of the hydraulic baler. Sometimes, expensive balers don't mean the high quality, but the high quality should not cheap. Therefore, the customers should to choose a suitable and high quality baler in their burget. In a long term, a high quality baler can save much maintenance cost and labor cost. In short, when purchasing a hydraulic baler, customers need to comprehensively consider the type, quality, power, size, price, maintenance cost and other factors of the machine to choose a machine that suits us. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the operation and maintenance methods of the machine to ensure that the hydraulic baler can operate stably for a long time. If you are interested to buy a baler, but don't know how to choose a suitable model, please contact us: info@njteyun.com, we can offer you the plan and solutions.

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  • Why Choose TEYUN Hydraulic Scrap Metal Gantry shear?
    Why Choose TEYUN Hydraulic Scrap Metal Gantry shear?

    Why Choose TEYUN Hydraulic Scrap Metal Gantry shear? What is a hydraulic scrap metal gantry shear? The Hydraulic Gantry shear is also called as the hydraulic guillotine shear(scrap metal gantry shear). The hydraulic gantry shear is usually used for cutting the scrap metal and also the different kinds of the metal plate including the cooper plate, the Nickel plate, the rod material ect. There are mainly two types of the hydraulic gantry shear. One is the Q15 metal plate gantry shear and another type is the Q91 scrap metal gantry shear.Here is this article we will mainly focus on the Q91 scrap metal gantry shear. Q91 scrap metal shear is very well-known in the metal recycling industries especially popular in the many huge steel companies and recycling centers. According to the cutting force of the scrap metal gantry shear, TEYUN has the 400ton, 500ton, 630ton, 800ton,1000ton,1250ton, 1500ton or bigger type Q91 gantry shear. Among these types, the 630ton, 800ton and 1000ton are the hot-sale. What’s the consist of the Q91 scrap metal gantry shear? The scrap metal gantry shear is consisted of the hydraulic part and the mechanical part. What’s the working process of the Q91 scrap metal gantry shear? Put the scrap metal by the grab or the conveyor belt into the feeding chamber, then the hydraulic cylinder will push the scraps metal to the cutting blades place; The cutting blade falls down and cut the scrap metal then push the cutting scraps out. Why choose the TEYUN hydraulic scrap metal gantry shear? 1. High production: the Q91 scrap metal gantry shear can cut the scrap metal with a large amount in one hour, like the 800ton heavy duty scrap metal shear, its’ hourly capacity is about 18-20ton. 2. Long using life:The cutting blades are made of the H13 material and every pcs of the blade we will test its’ hardness to ensure the blade’s lifetime. 3. Wide range of uses: The hydraulic Gantry shears are widely used for the different scraps of the metal and are very suitable for the steel and recycling companies to choose to recycle the waste metal ect. 4. Easy to Control: TEYUN scrap metal gantry shear with the PLC control(Mitsubishi PLC), it’s very easy for the workers to operate the gantry shear machine. 5. Good after-sale service:TEYUN offers one year warranty after the gantry shear installation and whole line technical support(7*24 hot-line)

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  • How to maintain the blades of the srap metal shears?
    How to maintain the blades of the srap metal shears?

    Blades maintenance Why the cutting blades need the maintenance? The cutting blades play a very important role in the scrap metal shears, no matter the gantry shear, the container shear, the tiger shear orthe alligator shear. Good condition of the cuuting the blades mean the scrap metal shear will have the high cutting force and high production. How to maintain the cutting blades? Before turning on the scrap metal shear, press the smooth chart to request time, fixed -point, and quantitative heat oil. The smooth oil should be cleaned and free of precipitation. Persist in adding an appropriate amount of light oil, insist on cleaning the appearance of the blades, and improve the abrasion resistance of the blades. When using the scrap metal shear, it is necessary to operate the scrap metal shear under the guide of the "Operation Regulations on the Operation of Scrap Steel Shear Machines" and correctly use the blades. The blades must always insist on cleaning rust -proof oil. Remnant blades should choose a cool and boring central storage. To avoid rust of the blades, apply a layer of anti -rust oil on the blade that was once opened. The boring center ensures that the blade is not rusted. Regularly check that the using blades of  the wear status. The blade is severely changed in time and submitted to the appliance supplement. 10 minutes before get off work every day, stop scrubbing and clean the blades, and refuel smoothly. It is necessary to insist on cleaning the state. The central center without paint should pay attention to avoid rust, and regularly work for the switch and other quality.

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  • Working process of the container shear
    Working process of the container shear

    Do you know how is the container shear working on? Here we have a 3D video for you to know more about the container shear: We have many models of the container shear including the 500ton, 630ton, 800ton, 1000ton and even the 1250ton or larger types of container shears. And the 800ton conatiner shear has benn one of the most popular products of TEYUN. But why the 800ton container shear is so hot? Following are some reasons: High production: can up to 15-20ton/h Continously feeding: without stop for feeding the scraps Suitable for various types of scrap: different types and shapes of scraps can be cutted by the container shear Small space: compared with 800ton gantry shear, the 800ton container shear needs less space without the long feeding box Good price: compared with the 800ton gantry shear, the 800ton container shear is much cheaper than the gantry shear

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  • How to maintain an alligator shear?
    How to maintain an alligator shear?

    WHAT IS AN ALLIGATOR SHEAR? An alligator shear(alligator shearing machine) is also known as the  crocodile shear. The alligator shear is a type of cutting tool whcih is widely used to cut the waste metal in metalworking.  The alligator shear is similar to a pair of scissors, but with longer, heavier blades that are designed to cut through thicker materials such as sheet metal and rebar. The blades are usually serrated, allowing them to grip the material being cut and make a clean cut. Alligator shears are commonly used in fabrication shops ,industrial applications and also in metal recycling industries.     The alligator shearing machine is a samller type of the scrap metal shearing machine compared with the heavy duty gantry shear and tiger shear(super alligator shear) The alligator shear has the advantages of the samll volum and low price but limited cutting production,so the alligator shear is normally suitable for the samll recycling recycling centre or personal using. To improve the cutting speed and reduce the labor working, the alligator shear can be equipped with the feeding box. For much more the daily production demand, the customers can consider the other scrap metal shearing machines like: super alligator shear, container shear and the gantry shear. If you have the demand you can conatct us for the solutions.   HOW TO MAINTAIN AN ALLIGATOR SHEAR?   1. Clean the alligator shear regularly. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any dust or debris that may have accumulated on the blades and body of the shear. 2. Oil the alligator shear regularly. Apply a few drops of oil to the pivot points and other moving parts of the shear to keep them lubricated and functioning properly. 3. Sharpen the blades of the alligator shear when necessary. This should be done by a professional sharpener, as it requires special tools and expertise to do correctly. 4. Inspect the alligator shear for any signs of wear or damage, such as bent or broken blades, loose screws, or worn out handles. If any damage is found, have it repaired immediately by a qualified technician to ensure its safe operation. When using if you have any problems or qurstions you can contact us we can offer the 24*7 online supporting for you.  

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  • Heavty duty Scrap metal gantry shear
    Heavty duty Scrap metal gantry shear

    What is a scrap metal gantry shear ? Gantry shear is also called the scrap metal gantry shear or guillotine metal shear,it's a kind of metal cutting equipment, which is mainly used for cutting various kinds of metal plates. It is composed of worktable, frame and numerical control system. The scrap metal gantry shearing machine adopts the upper and lower blades to complete the shearing action. The upper blade is fixed on the frame, and the lower blade moves horizontally on the worktable. The shearing force is provided by hydraulic cylinder or motor reducer. The shear gate has high efficiency, good accuracy and stable performance. It can be used for cutting various kinds of metal plates with different thicknesses and sizes. It can also be used for punching, bending and other processing operations. In addition, it has a wide range of applications in sheet metal processing industry such as automobiles, ships, aircrafts, containers and so on. The shear gate has a simple structure and convenient operation. It adopts advanced numerical control system to realize automatic control of the whole process of cutting plate. The operator only needs to input the size parameters into the numerical control system according to the requirements of product drawings before starting work, so as to realize automatic feeding and cutting without manual intervention during operation process. We have the 400ton, 500ton, 630ton, 800ton,1000ton and 1500ton of the scrap metal gantry shear. If you are interested in this gantry shearing machine you can conatct us via the mail: info@njteyun.com How is the scrap metal gantry shear working? Details of the gantry shearing machine:

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  • Briquette press machine using in the recycling industry
    Briquette press machine using in the recycling industry

    Introduction of Briquetting Machine The briquetting machine can bale aluminum chips, steel chips, cast iron chips, and copper chips into blocks and return them to the furnace, which can reduce burning loss, save energy, and reduce carbon. It is suitable for aluminum alloy profile factories,  steel casting factories, aluminum casting factories, copper casting factories and mechanical processing plants, etc. Working Principle The hydraulic system drives the hydraulic cylinder, and the hydraulic cylinder outputs high pressure  to cold-press metal materials such as metal shavings and powder into cylindrical cakes, which is convenient for storage, transportation, furnace production, and reduces losses during recycling and reuse. Recycling Functions 1. After being processed by the metal chip press machine, the waste metal chips can be compressed into metal chip round blocks by cold pressing and high-pressure compression. The whole process does not require heating, additives and other processes, which can prevent the remaining processes from affecting the characteristics of metal chips. These metal shavings compressed into round blocks can be directly used for incineration and remanufactured metal products. 2. The metal shavings in these metal discs will ensure the stability of the composition when they are returned to the furnace for incineration, and can also increase the density of the feed and reduce the number of feeds. The entire compression process of the briquetting machine reduces air pollution and energy consumption due to the reduction in feeding frequency, increases the furnace rate, and increases the profit margin of metal recovery and refining. 3. Compared with the block pressing machine on the market, the scrap metal briquetting machine is different in that we use a horizontal sealed design. The entire compression process is fully sealed, and there will be no waste liquid splashing around during the compression process, which ensures a clean environment and facilitates the collection of cutting fluid.

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  • Different push out ways of the scrap metal baler
    Different push out ways of the scrap metal baler

    Normally there are 3 types of the bale push out for the scrap metal baling machine: 1) Side push out   2) Front push out   3) Turn out 4) Manual Scrap Metal balers are mainly used in recycling processing and metal forging industries. It can bale all kinds of metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, aluminum shavings, disassembled car shells, waste oil drums and other metal materials into cuboids, cylinders and other qualified furnace materials in various shapes. This baling process is convenient for storage, transportation and recycling. The metal baler is driven by hydraulic pressure, the operation is stable and noiseless, the extrusion speed is fast, the extrusion force is large, the block is compact, not easy to disperse, the standard steel plate and welding technology are used, the mechanical parts are durable, the failure rate is low, and the service life is long. A cooling system can be installed to improve the continuous working ability of the equipment and reduce the failure rate. The cooling system can be divided into two types: water cooling and air cooling. The cylinder seal adopts imported GRAI ring, which has good sealing performance and strong pressure resistance. Easy to install, small footprint, no foundation, foundation, etc. Simple operation, detachable, automatic mode. Cold kneading will not change the metal material and improve the utilization rate. High coefficient, compared with traditional hammering packaging, mechanical packaging, etc. Applicable occupations for metal balers: metal recycling occupations. Metal waste can be kneaded and packaged to reduce storage space, and bulk metal packaging is convenient for transfer. Dismantling of waste cars. Scrap cars can be cut up and kneaded. Metal foundry and wrought industry. Scrap metal scrap, metal shavings and metal shavings can be packaged. Hardware products occupation. Scrap metal products can be extruded and packaged for easy recycling. Machining profession. Packing and compacting metal materials such as waste, chips, powder, etc. is of great help to the workshop environment, waste recycling and human resources.

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  • Introduction of Alligator shear
    Introduction of Alligator shear

    Alligator shears are called crocodile shears, which are named for their crocodile-like shape. They are widely used in metal recycling companies, scrap steel factories, and smelting enterprises. The alligator shears can cold-cut scrap metal structures with different cross-sectional shapes and process them into qualified furnace materials. In general, alligator shears are more suitable for personal scrap metal recycling stations. The alligator shearing machine is equipped with an integrated electromagnetic valve device for rapid pressure regulation, which can cut about 8-9 times a minute, and the shearing speed is twice as high as the original one. Features of crocodile shears Adopt hydraulic drive, easy to operate and easy to repair. Working blade length: 400mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 8 levels of shear force from 63 tons to 400 tons. The shearing machine with a knife edge of more than 700mm is suitable for cutting scrapped cars. The installation does not need anchor screws, and the diesel engine can be used as power in places without power supply. The alligator shear adopts hydraulic transmission. Compared with the mechanical transmission shearing machine, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, low inertia, low noise, stable movement, convenient operation, sensitivity, large cutting section, and convenient adjustment of the scissors. It is safe to operate and use, and it is easy to realize overload protection. Precautions for using crocodile shears The crocodile shears must be filled with oil before each shift, and the places with butter nozzles must be buttered. It is strictly forbidden for non-designated personnel to operate the crocodile shears, and it is necessary to stop the machine without people. Regularly check the travel switch, solenoid valve connector, and hydraulic oil on the back of the crocodile shears.

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