• What is a shredder used for? What is a shredder used for?
    Dec 23 , 2023
    Description of the shredder: The shredder is the rough shredding equipment which is mainly used in the recycling industry to deal with unprocessed raw materials or corner materials . This shredding process makes the waste scraps into the smaller size and easier to recycle. Because of the strong function of shredding, the shredder almost can destroy everything, the PE ...
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  • New product: Tires baler New product: Tires baler
    Jan 25 , 2024
    More and more waste or used tires of cars, truck, vans ect, how to deal with the used tires becomes a big problem. In fact the waste or used tires with huge value if can be recycled in the good ways. In the recycling industry, there are many ways to recycle these tires, like burning the tires to recycle the tires steel, shreddering the waste tires to recycle the rubber, baling the tires for export...
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  • Precautions for tire balers Precautions for tire balers
    Mar 21 , 2024
    About Tire Baler: The vertical Tires baler is usually used for baling waste car tires and truck tires, it's a very popular baler machine for the waste tires recycling. Proper use of the tires baler, conscientious implementation of maintenance systems and strict compliance with safe operating procedures are necessary conditions to extend the service life of baler, improve production efficiency and ...
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