Operating principle of gantry shears

June 13 , 2024

TEYUN Gantry shear is a type of equipment suitable for heavy scrap shearing. It is used to cold-shear various scrap metals such as scrap copper, scrap steel, scrap iron, metal briquettes, car bodies, aluminum alloys, copper materials, etc., and process them into qualified furnace materials. Gantry shear have a wide range of applications. They can be used as processing equipment for metal recycling units, furnace materials processing in factory casting workshops, and metal shearing processing equipment in the machinery and construction industry.

Operating principle

TEYUN Gantry shears are composed of the frame, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic power system, and an electrical system. In terms of working principle, after the material is grabbed into the feeding box, the waste material is pushed by the push cylinder or automatically sent to the cutting edge by the conveyor belt. The feeding speed can be adjusted by the speed regulating motor. Side extrusion cylinders are installed on both sides of the material box. Large waste materials such as scrapped cars cannot pass through the cutting edge of the gantry shears. The waste material can be squeezed and reduced by the side extrusion cylinders, and then sent to the cutting edge through the conveyor table for cutting.

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